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Antioxidant Support

Get the benefits of natural antioxidant pigments from vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants, and roots. Why get this? To reduce oxidative stress and be able to repair your cells.


Have you heard about the Gut-Brain Axis? Help your microbiome in your gut to function its best.

Mitochondrial support

Muscles feeling weak? Short of breath? Post Exertional Malaise (PEM)? Could be mitochondrial dysfunction. Help your mitochondria function and heal.

Not sure what to take?

Sleep, Brain, and Immune system

Feeling tired or dragging even after a "good" night sleep? Could these help?

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Looking for assistance or help with Long Covid, MCAS, Vaccine Injury, POTS, or CFS/ME?  Schedule a consult with Dr. Groysman here.


Happy clients from all over the world!

I’ve done 3 rounds with the tens unit and I feel more like myself than I have since 2021. I feel… happiness?! I went for a walk today and have been smiling more! Maybe it’s a placebo effect but who cares!

I had 24hr pain, fatigue, sleep, heart palpitations…… long list. No pain since, overall a huge improvement but I’ll know better once the jet lag etc is gone from the trip. I did both sides. Well worth the trip. I’m just back from his clinic. Flew in from Ireland. Looking very good so far.

Hi Everyone – I wanted to share with all of you that I just finished my first SGB treatments at Dr Groysman’s. I went from not being able to taste or smell anything for the past year to now, being able to identify some smells and I can taste some foods.

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